7 Quick Tips To Be A Source of Positivity In Your Marriage

Imagine being the positive spark that reignites the excitement in your marriage!

You may not know this!

We once had to come face to face with the realization that our DREAM MARRIAGE would not survive.

It’s been wonderful 18 years, but not all bliss.

There are have ups and downs. Struggles and triumphs. Births and deaths.

We know A LOT about the stress from outside sources. They so have a way of influencing our choices.

We admit, we had a breaking point…

We struggled with intimacy.19114045_10208884374616130_5130205030695000771_n

We began taking each other for granted.

Did we mention that our financial stability was crumbling around us.

This was detrimental to our relationship.

We know what it’s like to lose sight of what’s meaningful as a couple.

The time that we lost the connection intimately was our biggest “AHA moment”.

We were in control of our choices and actions. It was at this moment that we decided to put some pretty important love principals into play. 

We knew how important it was to work through our struggles and strengthen our marriage with better communication. The foundation we wanted to build on was one of mutual honesty and respect. We lost years of intimate connection because of letting past experiences get in the way. 

It was time to experience this GREAT SEX we always heard other couples speak of!

Did you know that according to a National Survey On Marriage there are 12 reasons why people consider getting a divorce.

We didn’t know either. We just though it was life getting the best of us.

It’s easy for the struggles to get overwhelming.

From finances, to improper communication, lack of trust, holding grudges (just to name a few) it’s easy to see how the passion as a couple can fizzle away over time.

Good news, it doesn’t have too.

Time to ease those thoughts in your mind that keep you awake at night!

Though certain actions can negatively affect your relationship, taking the time to engage in your marriage can renew it each day!

Here are 7 ways to positively engage in your marriage:

1. Share joy with one another. Laugh together. Happiness creates more happiness and it has been said that laughter is the best medicine.

2. Give a kiss good morning, never go to bed mad. It is better to work things out, even apologize. Leaving anything unsettled leads to restless sleep and also could leave resentful feelings. (This is a big one for us!)

3. Give a good-bye and have a kiss hello. (Especially when your spouse gets home) This very component has potential of changing a really bad day around.

4. Say sorry when you know you’re wrong. There is nothing more loving that admitting your faults. It’s actually a great time to kiss and make up. (It does leave room for great passionate loving-sex).

5. Give the gentleness of your touch during sex. Be alover that handles their partner with tender loving care. Show your compassion.

6. Say goodnight and express gratitude (for even the small things). A little appreciation goes a long way.

7. Last but not least, always say “I love you” as often as possible.

Like a deposit you make in a bank, keep adding the ingredients we have talked about!

Create a relationship you want. Keep it healthy, happy and exciting.

Let the rest just be “icing on the cake”.

No matter how crazy life gets, keeping these actions in focus will keep your romance and alive and well!

To your success,

Eric and Lisa


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