Hi it’s Eric and Lisa here.

You’re here because you want to know a bit more about us. We think of ourselves as a pretty ordinary couple doing extraordinary things.

We’re not all that good at talking about ourselves, but we’ll give it a shot and since pictures are usually more interesting than words, we’ll add some of those in there too!

To begin we wanted to say thank you so much for spending time with us to read a blog post, watch a video or connect in another way. We hope that whenever you read or watch once of our posts, you come away inspired, encouraged and equipped to make choices that help you grow individually or as a couple. We are here to help you get clear on ways to have a happy, healthy, and exciting marriage over and over again! 

Whether you’re looking for new ways to bring passion, intimacy, or communication into your marriage, or you need to discover how to simply deeper that connection like never before (that includes the sizzling romance and amazing sex too), we can help. 

Our goal is for you to say YES, to your relationship, even when you feel like it’s time to walk away even or the moments when you feel hopeless, desperate and confused. 

Have you ever heard the quote by Lao Tzu that says:

“Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.” – Lao Tzu

We have a passion for helping couples have an amazing marriage by making better choices and have a personal journey which led to us being here today. We like to focus on the conscious part of that great quote and call it “mindful marriage.” 


We come from humble beginnings; both us from families where at least one parent was an alcoholic, there were often what seemed like never ending parental disagreements and a childhood where sexual abuse was present. Even the experience of separation between one of our own parents was in there. 

Regardless, with a headful of ideas and a heartful of dreams this young couple married on June 5, 1999 two years after being engaged. The best part has been getting to know one another as we go and discovering more about ourselves too.


Our own journey includes being young business owners of a dairy and crop farm. Situations that led to bankruptcy, a relationship filled with lack of attention, miscommunication, dishonesty, and yes, sometimes we have been guilty of being professional procrastinators. These are just some of the few. We could go on, yet the list would probably begin to bore you!

Hopefully you get the idea that we had some relationship woes that led us into taking inventory of our marriage. We knew this would require some work on our part in order to renew the commitment we made years ago! 

We once thought that what happened to us was just life, things happen for a reason and there was little we could do about it. Well maybe some things do have their timing, which mostly is a reflection of what needs to be done, learned, realized or achieved. The stress of the worry, challenges, obstacles and hard times got the best of us when we should have been taking action. Although we never saw divorce as an option, we knew that something needed to change in our relationship for it to continue on a healthier path.

This led us to the discovery that there are practices that we could put into action to create change.  

And so there we were, 11 years later we renewing our wedding vows!


Robert Fulghum says it best when he wrote:

“Love is a fabric which never fades, no matter how often it is washed in the water of adversity and grief.” – Robert Fulghum

Experiencing great love through mindfulness practices has allowed us to revolutionize every aspect of our marriage. (honestly, we mean every part!)

We know that this begins with working on self. Let’s face it, there’s getting to know another is a probably an easier task that ourself can be much more difficult. Yet, as we have come this far, we know that we have transformed our marriage and entire lives through putting such loving practices into place. 


We love encouraging married couples to add excitement in their marriage and you can watch one of our short videos “How To Avoid Boredoom In The Bedrooms by clicking here!



Trust us when we say we do our best to try and enjoy life as much as possible and love inspiring others to do the same! Over 18 years of marriage and two precious children it can be said that we really enjoy our times together and as a family.

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With Love, 
Eric and Lisa