We believe in you cultivating the marriage of your dreams wherever you are on your love journey and creating a legacy of love to be passed on for future generations.

As your relationship Growth Strategist and Marriage Mentors, specialize in Nurturing Extraordinary Marriages and offer a variety of relationship/marriage ways to love intentionally and grow together.

For the beginning of our 21 years together we were the couple who had a good relationship but always felt there could be more. Building our first business from ground up with little startup money, was one of our first big achievements as a newlywed couple. It was through letting that same business go where we also faced some of our biggest challenges due to the strain placed on our marriage and home life. We wanted to have a marriage that allowed for us to continuously experience passion, excitement and nourishing connection so our children would know what a marriage filled with love resembled. After personally facing the reality of everything we had worked hard to build over our 11-year span as husband and wife, we made the decision to start anew going back to a promise we once shared by getting in touch with basics of love.

That’s when we launched Eric and Lisa Coaching to help other couples transform their marriage from Ordinary to Extraordinary by using simple, effective strategies to thrive at their highest and best.

Our passion is empowering individuals and couples to create transformation through cultivating a marriage that nurtures their dreams, focuses on goals, thrives and allows them to love intentionally while growing together.







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