To forget we cannot. To forgive we must.pizap.com14419872708143

Others that harm we should take alarm.
To call upon our heart’s to recognize our demise.
For the hurt of one is the hurt of all.

What will it take before we stop making mistakes.
To grow in love for all and above.

Reach your hand to your fellow man.
To ban together we can survive any weather.

What tomorrow brings can surely be heard from above.
When we all sing along with one song of LOVE.

The smiles from heaven are most divine.
What a place this would be to live in harmony.
A heaven on earth all of one family.

~ Eric W. Salisbury

Dear Conscious Lover

Dear Conscious lover,

What would happen today if you opened your heart?

How about a little more with each day that passes?11988625_10204603120867462_992718759810552781_n

Truth is, you have a light that is meant to shine And it’s even greater than you ever imagined. It’s meant to share the glories of your heart. It’s meant to share, the joys, the blessing, even an adventure of life here and there.

It’s an important time to wrap your heart up with all the love. Open it up to the happenings of life. Be with the one’s that lift you higher. One’s who touch your heart with their loving presence and who inspire. Those who believe, and who are willing to wrap you in their arms when life seems trying.

Do your best and put one foot in front of the other, keep moving forward being all that you are, loving, living. Run freely with love.
Dream, flourish, grow, through it all.

There are always new beginnings, times to see just what love and life can be about. Open your heart, remain pulled by the passions and in the direction which calls you. Living and loving is an art. One of understanding more with each step of discovery.

Begin again with love, move with love and let love live inside your heart. You can, indeed you will. Stay fueled by the love. Embrace the beautiful you. Live your life from the inside out. Don’t be shy, the world awaits your touch.

You are beautiful, loved and supported.

P.S. What will you discover today?

1 reason you should ever second guess what’s in your heart!

It’s about what’s in your heart that matters!

Stay true to it, journey the journey, growing

along with wisdom, filling your life with laughter,

joy and the love along the way.


You have the power within to do,

and to be all that you believe in.

Life is such an amazing blessing!

It’s about consciously doing what you can with it.

Keep with you a grateful heart.

It has the power to transform anything!

~ Lisa A. Salisbury

Be kind to you today and see what happens!

Life it seems is full of the grandest adventures. Indeed, some the wished were never taken. Yet, look where you are at now.

It’s bravery, courage, knowledge, strength….perhaps a struggle, letdown or even a heartbreak in between. The true treasures. Today it’s simply asked of you that you do something for you. Open your heart to the gift of asking.

There’s a desire held within the heart of all of us. We are human beings with real feelings, emotions, wishes, sensitivities and gifts. Embrace that blessing of being here on earth. Be willing to ask a blessing upon a certain circumstance in your life. Say a prayer or two. Speak to the Universe, God, the Angels or whomever this is for you like a gentle friend. Have a conversation speaking of the worries doubts or fears. Take time to write in a journal.

“In our deepest moments of struggle, frustration, fear, and confusion, we are being called upon to reach in and touch our hearts. Then, we will know what to do, what to say, how to be. What is right is always in our deepest heart of hearts.” ~ Roberta Sage Hamilton 

In being kind to you, lift your worries today. See each one as new. This moment is a gift, so you may let your spirit roam in this grand adventure called life. With grace and ease, allow your imagination roam free with the bliss of what is loved. Listen to the calling. Give all you have with each one, daring and bold, gusty and true, open up, ride the adventures being flexible with ideas; give yourself the permission to explore new avenues.

Keep your heart open, think about everything buzzing around that is going nicely. It’s time to bring more grace and ease into a heart of frenzy. Change is only temporary.

You are beautifully loved. A true gift to the world. Be kind to you today!


Consciously choose the good today?

We are talking about the heartfelt, downright deep appreciation for life.

The very things that exist around you.

For life, for love. For beauty.11960032_10204573421564998_8908511039717501410_n Be the love. Trust it, be it, believe what’s good in your heart. Being with loving gratitude is one of the greatest gifts you can give. To shine a brighter light with love and to give life the very best you can begins with a willingness to create better days.

Each one is there to live, to love, and to go where your heart tells you. The days are yours to be with love that lifts you higher. Say here I am world, see life for all that it is, soak in love, welcome the beauty. Acknowledge all the good that already exist….choose today the good life! Cultivate with it…Soak it up!

Thank you with love for the gift of your presence.


P.S. What’s quenching your thirst today?

Real life can actually be fun!

Life is the most wonderful gift to be experienced. It has a learning curve, yet it can be everything you want it to be.

It can be filled with the freedom to love, create, experience, and to spread the wings you were given at birth. A child, an angel.

Remember today, tomorrow, and the day after the child within. It’s your heart that holds the key to remembering. Keep it light with the laughter, lightheartedness; inspiration that reminds you of that truth. A truth of you being all that you are. A source of infinite light.

Connect every morni11951854_10204568037990412_7428537214522688585_nng to that free spirit within. Be present. Look around, look within. What lights you up. Then take the time to pause. To trust your wisdom, hunches, experiences, Connect your mind. See what works. All your passions, knowledge, your discoveries on a path. Purpose. Live with laughter, feel the joys, have the fun, run with the little things; bits and pieces of life that are encountered along the journey.

Embrace the awareness within each one, letting go, allowing everything move through you. Opening your heart. Touching you in such a way the soul is brought alive with curiosity, delight and wonder.

Like a child….

Ready and willing to take a turn around the next corner.

Remember today that real life can actually be fun! Let spirit move you and spread your wings. Be you. Learn as go, remember to live.

You are so courageous, brave, loved and supported.


Dear Soulful Gardner


With the lighthearted summer days soon fading, it’s the perfect time to turn over a new leaf.

It’s the month of harvest. Not just any harvest. This is the garden of your soul we are speaking of. The true, loving, deep down soulful, grateful, deep, yet simple pleasures and the rich treasures you have carried and sown into your heart. All seeds you have planted in months passed are now ready to be brought into life. If you have been waiting for the right moment to do something different, take a leap, start a new project, take that job, write that book, or whatever it may be…it’s always the perfect time. Beauty of opportunity surrounds you, much like your angels with loving inspiration. Step outside and feel a breeze as it changes in a new direction. Farmers in fields harvesting for the winter ahead. A flock of birds gathering food, knowing that it’s there for them. Change is welcomed as a new time approaches.

It’s the same for you and your being. There’s a deeper harmony that a new season provides. Abundance, it surrounds you at each and every corner, if you are willing to see and embrace it.

Go on your way. The seeds you have planted are now ready for harvest. Bless the moments and all those lessons. Life is the chance to do more than dream. It’s that time to be the dream. Life is the chance to live in gratitude for all that you have, to experience it fully living with the joys and to be inspired by the gifts of love sown.

With love, the garden of your soul has planted. With love, it’s time to reap the rich harvest. Let go of worries doubts, or fears. Walk through your fields with the glory. Transition your mind on the creating, the reaping. Give all that you have. Put your best foot forward, taking steps with gratitude; an appreciation for the fruits of your labor. For all that you have. For what has brought so far.

The fun and beauty of life is always there to cherish as time swiftly passes.

Life is motion. Slow the pace down for a moment. Pause and gather your thoughts. Then move forward. Most importantly keep lightheartedness with you.