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Reason Why Having a Daily Practice of Love In Your Marriage Enriches Life.

And here we are…Valentine’s Day…the day we like to call Happy Love Day! ⠀

We’ve learned a lot of things about love over almost 21 years of being a couple. One thing that has really stood out is the way simple things in life make a big difference.

We ourselves even once got caught in the grand illusion you have to have to show love in a huge way, when really all anybody asks for is time and attention. Like in the times when you were dating.

Then you get married, maybe started a career, created a business, or possibly started a family. Before you knew it your relationship somehow got set on the back burner.

The stress of overworking, attending to financial matters, keeping a house in order, even sometimes bringing the business work home managed to distract you from the things you once felt were important, like your relationship or family.

What happens in these times is there becomes the stress on marriage from a time that is dedicated to working, business, having to go away on trips, appointments that come up at the last minute. In return leaving less time for important conversations, family, recreation or date nights as a couple. Most importantly, time for the two of you to be close and intimate.

Recently over on Instagram and with our Pretty Ahh-mazing email community, we’ve brought a challenge with these little ways to really reconnect as the fun, loving couple you want to be for the past 2 weeks or more. Simple ways to better communication, support, and connection.

Who else likes that toe-curling intimacy?

With this past week also being National Marriage Week, when we look back on our 19 years of being married we know that practice doesn’t make perfect like we’re told growing up. Practicing simply enriches what you’re already doing, or working towards because you learn the action of doing it bears far greater rewards than not doing it at all.

What we challenge you to do today when you think about boosting your love is find at least one way to give a little extra of your time or attention.

>>> If it means taking a lunch break to enjoy lunch together, then make it happen.

>>> Send a text just to say hello or say how is your day.

>>> You may not be able to sit down for dinner together every night, but how about committing to one night our of the week.

Love takes practice. Don’t wait for love to change you. Change the world with love, beginning where it matters most.

Doing at least one of these a week will help to create a better way to be present.

Go a little further than you have ever been and loving like you never have before takes doing things in a way you never thought of before. It takes a willingness to change the way you did things in past. Practicing the ways to love more or better now and in future. ⠀

It takes committing + recommitting every day. Remember a way it was with a phone call. A way you enjoyed conversations without overthinking it. ⠀

It seems as though in life with it’s busyness as professionals, entrepreneurs, or as parents with all the above it’s easy to be in a state of not being able to give your time and attention to everything.⠀

Before long dates disappear, a feeling of friendship missing, lines of communication become weaker, there’s less support, less checking in each other as husband and wife. A drifting away begins and intimacy, where did it go you? ⠀

It’s simple: rekindle memories, enriching your soul with them. They are your magic. In a memory, there is a spark of you, a touch of them and all you once began creating. Getting back to your marriage magic helps to you remember how you did what you did, and why you did what you did years ago. Look back to love, with love be. ⠀

“Love and magic have a great deal in common. they enrich the soul, delight the heart. And they both take practice.” ― Nora Roberts⠀

Sure, you’re not the couple you were years ago because you have both grown.

Practice learning and growing together! Remember walking, riding a bike, creating your business, or all the things you did that took practice. ⠀

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